Recipe for Disaster strive to be the most authentic Guns N' Roses tribute band in the world..and they can prove it!
They are an all pro musician band with an uncanny resemblance to the original lineup of Guns N' Roses. Unlike other Guns N Roses tribute acts they do not wear wigs, and they have a sound that recreates the early days of Guns n Roses. In short they Rock!
Started in the summer of 2012 in Phoenix Az. The band has quickly gained notoriatey in the music circuit as one the top tribute acts touring today.
With their killer stage show and mayhem antics the band doesn't dissappoint fans.
Recipe for Disaster are the no holds barred tribute act who brings the audience into the show and leaves them wanting more.

Pete Blackbone:

Pete Blackbone...aka... Axl
Pete Blackbone originally from New York, started singing in the boys glee club back 
back in  pre-prep (The Fay school in Southborough, Mass. ) in 8th grade and continued
singing in prep school (Choate in Wallingford, Conn. ) in their chorus. Although not developing
his vocals for rock until college he was always a big fan of power chords and rippin vocals.
At the University of Arizona he formed a band with a roommate called the Sex Injections.
The name was quickly changed to Asking Alice.  Having moved to New York to pursue his career
in the rock industry he reformed the group in the Asking Alice name. After four years in New York
he moved to Hollywood, Ca. with his manager under the band name and the act grew close to being signed with a record label. Moving to Phoenix. Az. in 2009 he got a call from former bandmates in the band (from his Cat Club on Sunset showing) now known as the Voodoo Groove Cats to sing for their remaining European summer tour. Being great friends he said yes and a week later landed in Paris was performing live with the band.  Still with the Voodoo Groove Cats and releasing two EP's since he brings his live antics and stage presence to the Recipe for Disaster show! 


Brian "Damaged" Bullard

Brian...aka... Izzy Damaged
Brian came out of the Chicago hardcore/death metal scene in the band Brigade opening for such acts as circle jerks, and Fear, playing under the name furious stylzz. after hearing a recording by IggyPop and the Stooges he decided to pursue other interests in music from a guitar playing standpoint to bands such as Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, and New york dolls to name a few. After graduating from High School Brian moved to L.A. to pursue muisc as a living, this brought him to a lot or touring in signed acts s well as his own acts. When the music climate changed in L.A. Brian moved to Phoenix Az and formed The New Romantics who would come to be opening act for such bands as Motley Crue, The Misfits, Billy Idol and velvet Revolver. Currently Brian is known as Izzy Damaged in "Recipe for Disaster" A Guns n Roses Tribute band based out of Phx AZ. portraying Izzy Stradilin founding member of the original Guns-n-Roses 

Donny Brooke

Donny Brook..aka...Duff
It was the late 1970's when Donny Brook was growing up in Toledo, Ohio
The punk band Necros was looking for a bass player and Brook (wanting to be in a band)
went out and bought a Gibson grabber bass and after joining the band recorded with them 
their first single under his real name Jeff Lake.
He left Necros in 1980 for Los Angeles. Ca. knowing the punk scene was exploding there.
He and some high school friends formed a band called Symbol Six who went on to sign a
recording deal with Posh Boy Records.
In 2010 Donny Brook recorded his last record with Symbol Six then moved to Phoenix. Az.
where he soon began his role as the killer bass player in "Recipe for Disaster" The Guns n Roses Tribute
band he is currently touring with.


Doug...aka...Steven Adler